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How Do You Stop the Spread of Mold During Remediation

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Do You Stop the Spread of Mold During Remediation Mold removal processes need to be started immediately after finding mold or fungus

As a homeowner in Cape Elizabeth, ME, you know that mold can be a big problem for your house. It doesn't take much for this fungus to spread to other rooms. In fact, mold can spread in a variety of ways:

• On your clothing
• Through the air
• Through water
• On animals

Because so many factors could lead to more mold contamination, you need to start the cleanup process as soon as possible. Residential mold removal teams can quickly assess your situation and create a plan that will keep the mold in a designated area until it is take care of.


To stop mold contamination, the professionals have to set up a containment unit. This can mean different things for different jobs. In some cases, it simply means closing windows and doors to discourage air flow and trap the spores. In other cases, it means setting up a negative air pressure system to ensure no air flows out of the room. Part of containment is limiting who can have access to the moldy parts of the home. You and your family may be asked to stay out of certain areas until the professionals have properly cleaned and removed the mold.


Filtration often goes hand-in-hand with containment, but it is an important part of stopping the spread of mold. Because spores are so small, they can easily slip through barriers. If your team uses HEPA air filters, however, you have a better chance of keeping the spores to one place.


Another way to stop contamination is to remove all pieces of furniture, flooring and building materials that are affected by fungus growth. You may be able to clean and return some belongings, but others will have to simply be discarded. Ridding the area of mold contaminated objects can help reduce your chances of spreading the fungus to other parts of your home.

Mold contamination can affect large portions of your Cape Elizabeth, ME, home. With the proper containment plans, you may be able to stop the spread of the fungus.

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Helpful Alternatives To Using Candles In Your Home

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Helpful Alternatives To Using Candles In Your Home Candles can be dangerous in your Cape Elizabeth home if left unattended

Many people enjoy using candles in the home, and the same goes for you and your family in your comfortable Cape Elizabeth, ME, home. However, candles are known fire-starters, usually due to misuse by people that can cause hazardous situations and expensive fire or smoke cleanup. Here are some helpful alternatives to use to avoid a candle fire in your home, whether you like them for the softer light or the lovely scents.

? Tea lights or electric candles. There’s no reason you have to give up on the romantic light of candles entirely. These days, many retailers sell flameless candles and tea lights that are simply powered by batteries instead of a wick and flame.

? Adorn your bedroom or other comfortable spaces with fairy lights. Again, softer light can be attained through other means than by candlelight, including the use of small fairy lights. String some up along the walls for a festive and romantic atmosphere that doesn’t involve a candle fire at the end of the night.

? Incorporate reed diffusers or wax/oil warmers around your home. Those who enjoy candles for their delightful scents can become familiar with these alternatives instead, which generally require no heat or fire altogether.

? Buy a clip-on book light for softer reading light. If candles were a frequent part of your nightly reading routine, switching up to a clip-on book light can be just as useful without the potential fire hazard attached. This light is more closely defined and is steadier than candlelight as well, helping to keep eye strain at bay in the meantime.

? Stock your home with air freshener sprays. Name-brand air freshener sprays can be used around your home to achieve a pleasant odor as opposed to burning fragrance candles. There’s far less danger involved and you can be sure to avoid smoke cleanup after use.

While lighting candles around your Cape Elizabeth, ME, home can initially make for a calm, romantic setting, the potential for a candle fire is significantly less relaxing. Use any of these alternatives to enhance your life in your home without creating hazardous situations.

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Understanding Mold Odors

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Understanding Mold Odors Mold can grow on anything associated with musty odors on your belongings or in your home or business

If you’re dealing with mold in South Portland, ME, then you have probably noticed an unpleasant odor in your building. Alternatively, if you’ve noticed a strange smell and can’t seem to get rid of it, it could be hidden mold growing in your walls or under your flooring. While people usually associate an earthy or musty odor with mold, there’s actually a wide variety of possible stenches depending on the species of mold you have growing on your property. If you’ve noticed any of the following smells, even after thoroughly cleaning the room in question, it could be mold mycotoxin:

• Mowed grass
• Grease
• Car exhaust
• Dirty socks
• Old cheese
• Cat urine
• Sour milk
• Maple syrup
• Wet dog

Why Does Mold Stink?

Most people assume that the unpleasant smell is the mold spores being released into the air; however, this is not the case. In fact, what you are smelling is a type of microbial volatile organic compound, or MVOC, produced by the mold. This mycotoxin is released by the mold during certain stages of its growth as a waste product of the mold’s metabolism. The more mold there is growing on your property, the more waste material it produces and the worse the air smells. Some people are very sensitive to it and can experience discomfort.

How Can You Eliminate Mold Smells?

The only way to eliminate mold smells is to completely eliminate the mold. The good news is that when you hire mold remediation specialists in South Portland, ME, they can clean the air of odors as well as remove the fungus from your building during a mold cleanup. This is done by containing the moldy area and vacuuming the air through a high-efficiency particulate air filter, or HEPA filter, to remove the mycotoxin. Once the mold and their MVOCs are removed from your property, the smell should disappear with them.

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How To Protect Your Business From Water Damage During Downtime

4/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Protect Your Business From Water Damage During Downtime Protect your Pipes during down time

It is important to protect your business in Scarborough, ME, from water damage all the time, but it is particularly pressing when the business closes. Water pipe repair can take quite a bit of time and can disrupt your business. Whether you flip your door sign from open to closed overnight or for an extended break, here are some tips to help you avoid returning to a mess.

1. Wrap Your Pipes

Adding extra insulation to your pipes, particularly during colder months, can keep your business from being flooded. It is also a good idea to add insulation to the building itself to keep as much cold air out as possible.

2. Open the Doors

Before you close, perform a walk-through of the building to open all the cabinet doors under the sinks. This gives warm air a direct path to the pipes under the sink, increasing the likelihood that you will not need to call water remediation specialists for water pipe repair when you return.

3. Heat the Building

It may be tempting to turn the heater off when no one is present, but doing so could actually spell disaster. The small amount of money you might save on electricity is not a bargain if the tradeoff is a broken pipe that pours water into floors, walls and insulation until you return.

4. Hire a Sitter

A good way to keep watch on your business and the building it occupies when you are not there is to hire someone for just that purpose. A night guard not only supplies security but also can help head water damage off at the pass. He or she can turn off the water at its source and call emergency personnel to stop the problem before it spreads.

Many things can happen to your business in Scarborough, ME, when you’re not there. To keep water damage from being one of them, avoid the need for water pipe repair by taking the necessary precautions.

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3 Reasons To Avoid Driving Through Flooded Streets

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Reasons To Avoid Driving Through Flooded Streets Streets can become very dangerous during a storm

When people think of bad driving weather, they usually imagine something like heavy storms or snow and ice. A simple, steady rain, however, can create hazardous driving conditions as well. When you approach a flooded street in South Portland, ME, it is best to turn around and find an alternate route. Here are three reasons why.

1. It does not take a lot of water to damage your vehicle. When you see flooded roads, the problem may not look very severe. It only takes a few inches of water, however, to stall your vehicle and seep into the cracks by the doors, causing your floorboard to flood. Water remediation specialists warn that flood water can contain contaminants that are harmful to humans. Vehicles that cannot make it through standing water are often washed away, taking control of your vehicle out of your hands.

2. Flood water potentially hides debris that can cause damage to your vehicle. Even if your car does miraculously make it through the flooded street, you never know what may be lurking beneath the standing water. Large branches and twigs could puncture your tires. Debris washed into the road by runoff from nearby yards could damage the undercarriage of your vehicle, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

3. Flooded roads are weakened roads. Another danger of flood water is the impact it can have on the road itself. Fast-moving currents can wash away parts of the road, leaving large potholes that can damage your vehicle. If flooding weakens the road too much, it could even collapse when you drive onto it, leaving you stranded and possibly injured.

When you come across a flooded street, do not just assume you can drive through it. Follow these travel tips and find an alternate route to your destination. The extra time it takes is worth it to protect your vehicle, your passengers and yourself.

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Do You Need To Replace Your Carpet Post-Flood?

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Do You Need To Replace Your Carpet Post-Flood? Carpet Cleaning after Water Damage

Carpet is not cheap, so when something happens to it, such as a flood or stain, it can be frustrating. The first thing you may want to know is if you can save the damaged goods. Unlike a stain, water damage isn’t so easily cleansed. Depending on how long the water was allowed to sit, your flooring may be contaminated with mold and other harmful bacteria, in which case professional cleanup efforts by your Scarborough, ME, water restoration team may be necessary. For this reason, if you discover a pipe break, leak or other damaged water source, you need to act immediately. Some things you can do to save your flooring include:

• Remove water ASAP
• Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture
• Speed up the drying process with a fan
• Steam-clean your carpets
• Inspect furniture

The Sooner You Get Started, the Better

Though the saying, “Patience is a virtue” applies to most areas of life, it does not apply to water damage control. If your home was recently affected by a surge of water, you need to move fast. If you fail to act within 24 to 48 hours of a pipe break, you risk mold contamination, not just in your carpet but throughout your entire home. Minimize damage and prevent bacteria buildup by reaching out to your Scarborough, ME, water remediation team right away.

Invest in Professional Cleanup To Minimize Costs

Too many homeowners avoid hiring a professional cleanup crew because they want to save money. Unfortunately, what those homeowners don’t realize is that by trying to clean up water damage themselves, they may be accruing costs instead of cutting them. If not properly handled, the damage from a pipe break can quickly spread to other areas of the home. Once it does, not only will the whole carpet need to be taken out, but floor boards, drywall, insulation and furniture may need to be replaced as well.

If your home has water damage, don’t try to clean up the mess on your own. Contact your local water restoration team for quick, efficient and cost-effective help today.

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3 Steps to Salvaging a Mold-Damaged Painting

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Steps to Salvaging a Mold-Damaged Painting Home Mold Remediation and Painting

When flooding affects your Cape Elizabeth, ME, home, the results can be devastating. However, when it comes to damaged items, few are more difficult to salvage than paintings. Mold damage can be particularly difficult to handle, but there are a few ways you can eradicate it. From when you first retrieve your painting from a flooded area to reframing, mold cleaning can be possible if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Remove the Painting From the Flooded Area

Once flood waters have receded and the area is safe to enter, removing the painting from a flooded room as soon as possible can reduce the risk of mold forming on the canvas. Take the painting to a room that has been dried and where you can set it aside, away from sunlight and high humidity. Avoid sealing it in any type of container, as this may create humid conditions and encourage further mold growth.

2. Remove the Wooden Frame

If your painting has a wooden frame, you may want to remove it to prevent further mold damage from taking place. Because wood is an organic material, mold spores may attach to it and begin to feed and spread once the frame has been exposed to flood waters. Detach the painting from the frame, but try to keep the actual piece of artwork flat to prevent curling.

3. Call a Remediation Service

Flood cleanup and remediation specialists may be able to assist you with mold cleaning of your artwork by offering you advice about the best way to repair it. They may also offer techniques for removing mold from the canvas without compromising the paint. This can be an important factor in salvaging a painting, as any mold left behind may start to spread

Flooding in your Cape Elizabeth, ME, home can affect valuable artwork, especially in the case of mold growth. However, mold cleaning of your paintings can be possible when you understand how and why mold appears and which steps you can take to prevent it.

5 Things to Do Before a Storm

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 5 Things to Do Before a Storm Commercial Storm Damage Clean up

When a storm is heading your way, you want to do whatever you can to prepare for it. Of course, it is hard to predict how a storm will affect South Portland, ME. Will you end up with flood water, hail damage or wind damage? Will the storm pass you by and leave you unscathed? Because there's no way to know the answer, you have to prepare for the worst possibilities.

1. Backup your data. Get your business ready for potential water damage by backing up your important business data. Put it on a secure server that will be unaffected by the upcoming storm.

2. Get surge protectors. Surge protectors may be able to help save your computers and other electronic equipment from certain issues. Investing in these protectors could save you some money in the long run. Of course, surge protectors may not help against flood water.

3. Protect windows. Storms with high winds can act as a threat to your windows and doors. You can put up storm shutters to better protect your windows. Putting sandbags near your windows could help keep your building from flooding.

4. Rearrange furniture. A flooded building will likely be full of unusable furniture. If you think you could have high waters, you should move your furniture to upper levels of your commercial building. If you only have a single level, consider making sturdy stacks.

5. Schedule a restoration inspection. While you may not have any damage to inspect now, you can schedule a restoration team prior to a storm striking South Portland, ME. Chances are the restoration experts will get a lot busier after the storm, so you may get faster service by scheduling an inspection in advance.

You can't always be prepared when storms bring flood water. However, keeping these five tips in mind before a storm could help save you a major headache after the system has passed, and save your business as well.

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Where You May Find Mold in Your Business

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

If you have noticed that distinctive mildew smell in your business building, you may wonder from where it’s coming. If you cannot detect visible mold, but you still smell it, this problem can be particularly frustrating. Mold testing in Higgins Beach, Maine, may be in order, but you can first check these common places that mold likes:

• Around window frames
• Near plumbing
• In upholstered furniture
• In carpet

In truth, mold can grow on any organic substance. As long as it has enough moisture and oxygen, this fungus can leave that mildew smell. However, these are the most common places to find fungi in businesses. To discover the smell's origin, it’s important to understand why mold grows in these areas.

Around window Frames

As condensation builds on windows, mold can find a new home. The moisture on either side can get mold growth going. Once it gets going, it can continue to spread around the window. Be sure to check in those nooks and crannies for fungus.

Near Plumbing

Much like around windows, moisture tends to build up around plumbing. If you have leaks or if people get messy when they wash their hands, that water can sit for quite a while. As the water sits, it practically invites fungus to the party. Before you know it, your business has a mold problem.

In Upholstered Furniture

If someone spills water on a couch or other cloth in your business, he or she may clean up the surface. However, the water can seep into the upholstery and start growing mold. Like with other moisture problems, this can cause mold. If the smell is near a couch, that furniture could be the culprit.

In Carpet

Much like that way a small spill can cause a significant mold problem on your couch, the same can happen under the carpet. Since carpet is so large, the mildew smell can cover an entire room. You may need to call a professional remediation crew in Higgins Beach, Maine, to take care of this kind of problem.

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How To Clean Electronics After a Fire

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to restoring a commercial property in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, following a fire, the initial concerns will likely involve cleanliness, air quality, and the elimination of lingering odors. Once the structure has been restored, your focus may shift to the condition of any electronics on site. If you have experienced an electrical fire, you may require specific device or computer cleanup or replacement services. Other electronics that were not the source of the fire or located very close are still not necessarily safe to use. In addition to excessive heat, smoke and soot also corrode metal and can get inside of computers and other electronics, causing them to fail.

Fire and smoke restoration experts who specialize in electrical fire and ensuring that electronic devices are safe to operate follow three general steps.

1. Inspect electronics for evidence of overheating. Heat from a fire can cause devices to overheat, but a black film of smoke and soot can also over-insulate parts that produce heat. The magnetic charge of acidic smoke can short circuits and cause overheating.

2. Wipe down surfaces and check interiors for damage. Electronics restoration experts may need to take devices to a clean and safe location to restore internal components.

3. Recover important information. If a device is damaged beyond repair, experts will focus on recovering data from it.

The extent of damage to electronics depends on the degree to which delicate circuitry or wiring was exposed to heat, smoke, and soot as well as other contaminants like water used to put out a fire. Rather than risking an electrical fire by attempting to turn on or repair electronic devices yourself, you are better off relying on an experienced restoration company in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, with electronics and computer cleanup experts on staff. These specialists may be able to save you a lot of stress and money by restoring electronics or recovering important data.

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