Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Water Damage

The definition of mitigation is "to lessen," in our case mitigation lessens damage. Insurance companies require property owners to mitigate losses quickly. Here... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes in Scarborough, ME

Winter Freeze and Broken Pipes When the freezes hit the Scarborough, ME area there can be a lot of devastation. Basements in particular can be devastated by the... READ MORE

Flooded Home and Restoration

Restored Home in Higgins Beach, MEA burst pipe due to freezing temperatures was to blame for the flooding of this home. The carpet and pad were removed to allow... READ MORE

Can my wood floors be saved?

Wood Floors Can Be Saved Wood floors can be saved under these conditions:The water comes from a pipe burst, supply line, or other clean water source. Start with... READ MORE

Bathroom Pipe Break

Frozen Bathroom Pipe The pipe in this Scarborough, ME home broke and ran down the walls and onto the flooring. SERVPRO Of South Portland was called and we clean... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Basement

Sewer backups can occur for a number of reasons. No matter the reason that it happens, it is going to be messy and you are going to need help dealing with it. A... READ MORE

Sewer damage in unfinished basement

Recently our team responded to a sewer cleanup in an unfinished basement. As you can see from the picture several items needed to be cleaned/sanitized or dispos... READ MORE